True friends never die


  • Attack of the killer bees
  • Make it a threat again
  • I hate my skate and I want to die
  • Bruce is a piece of shit
  • Da magana
  • Trouble every day
  • Rockin'assholes
  • So far from close
  • Angry political song
  • Xbeer revengerx
  • The horse
  • Romu is not punk
  • Less kickback, more blink 182
  • Oldschool rampage
  • Yuppies will walk the earth
  • The heart, the star and the anchor
  • Over your shoulders
  • Rise above
  • Angry political dub

True friends never die

Auteur(s) Trouble Every Day Label(s) Codaex France Date de publication 2006 Support CD Sujet(s) Punk Rock français Type Musique Catégorie Musique chanson et rock francophone Genre Pop - Rock Section Adulte

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