Blinking lights and other revelations

Blinking lights and other revelations © Amazon


  • Theme from blinking lights
  • From which I came / a magic world
  • Son of a bitch
  • Blinking lights (for me)
  • Trouble with dreams
  • Marie floating over the backyard
  • Suicide life
  • In the yard, behind the church
  • Railroad man
  • The other shoe
  • Last time we spoke
  • Mother Mary
  • Going fetal
  • Understanding salesmen
  • Theme for a pretty girl that makes you believe gog exists
  • Checkout blues
  • Blinking lights (for you)
  • Dust of ages
  • Old shit / new shit
  • Bride of theme blinking lights
  • Hey man (now you're really living)
  • I'm going to stop pretending that I didn't break your heart
  • To lick your boots
  • If you see natalie
  • Sweet li'l thing
  • Dusk : a peach in the orchard
  • Whatever happened to soy bomb
  • Ugly love
  • God's silence
  • Losing streak
  • Last days of my bitter heart
  • The stars shine in the sky tonight
  • Things the grandchildren should know

Blinking lights and other revelations

Auteur(s) Eels Label(s) Universal Date de publication 2005 Support CD Sujet(s) Folk rock Pop-rock Type Musique Catégorie Musique pop-rock-électro-rap Genre Pop - Rock Section Adulte

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