Say something nasty

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  • Words of Wisdom
  • Say Something Nasty
  • Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati and Kick the S**t Outta your Drunk Daddy
  • You Give Drugs a Bad Name
  • The B***h Just Kicked me Out
  • Keep on F**kin'
  • Jack Shack
  • Keep Them Things Away from me
  • Here's to your Destruction
  • Let's Get the Hell Outta Here
  • Slow Movin' Train
  • Beat me Senseless L
  • Can't Get Rid of It
  • Rock n Roll Hoochie Coo
  • Outro

Say something nasty

Auteur(s) Nashville Pussy Label(s) distrib. Wagram music Date de publication 2002 Support CD Sujet(s) Metal rock Langue eng Anglais Notes Paris : prod. Axe Killer, P 2002 Type Musique Catégorie Musique pop-rock-électro-rap Genre Pop - Rock Section Adulte

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