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All the best

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  • Where did our love go
  • Baby love
  • Come see about me
  • Stop, in the name of love
  • I hear a symphony
  • You can't hurry love
  • You keep me hangin' on
  • When the lovelight starts shining through his eyes
  • Love is here and now you're gone
  • The Happening
  • Reflections
  • My world is empty without you
  • Unchained melody
  • With a song in my heart
  • A Lover's concerto
  • Back on my arms again

All the best

Auteur(s) Ross, Diana [The] Supremes Date de publication s.d. Support CD Sujet(s) Funk Soul music Type Musique Catégorie Musique jazz – blues – R’n’B Genre Soul - R n B Section Adulte

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