Harmonia sacra

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  • Tell me, some pitying angel (the blessed virgin's expostulation)
  • In the black, dismal dungeon of despair
  • We sing to him, whose wisdom form'd the ear
  • Air in g minor
  • Great god, and just (a penitential hymn)
  • My song shall be alway (psalm 89)
  • Ground in d minor
  • Lord, what is man?
  • Let the night perish (job's curse)
  • Chaconne in g minor
  • The night is come (an evening hymn)
  • With sick and famish'd eyes
  • How have i stray'd
  • Suite in g minor: i. prelude
  • Suite in g minor: ii. allemande
  • Suite in g minor: iii. courante
  • Suite in g minor: iv. sarabande
  • My opening eyes are purged (a divine song of the passion of our saviour)
  • How long, great god (the aspiration)
  • Ground in c minor
  • Sleep, adam, and take thy rest
  • Thou wakeful shepherd (a morning hymn)
  • The earth trembled (on our saviour's passion)
  • Now that the sun hath veil'd his light (an evening hymn on a ground)

Harmonia sacra

Titre uniforme Purcell, Henry. - [Musique vocale sacrée] Auteur(s) Purcell, Henry Joshua, Rosemary Rousset, Christophe [Les ]Talens lyriques Label(s) Harmonia Mundi Date de publication 2012 Support CD Sujet(s) Musique baroque Type Musique Catégorie Musique classique et contemporaine Genre Musique classique Section Adulte

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